Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretend Play Haircut and Art with Spices

Since our last visit to get your haircut was not a successful one, I decided to take it to the next level.  Knowing that today you would be visiting the hair dresser once again, I thought that we may be able to silence your protests and lessen your squirms by playing haircut before we went today.  You were in awe of the life size Barbie that was once your Aunt Nikki's, but then you got down to business.  You combed, dried, and clipped her hair only stopping to take care of you own.  And then our dog, Lucy's. Lucy was quite the sport when you tried to put a clip in her hair and smashed the comb along her doggy fur.

Blow drying Barbie's hair.

After you finished styling hair, we decided to take a stroll up to the German-Masontown Public Library, since it was so nice.  We found the perfect book!  "Don't Cut My Hair!" by Hans Wilhelm.  I thought that looking through a book while you got your haircut would take you attention off of the scissors - well, not really.  Still, we got a lot more hair trimmed this time than last!  Now you can be nice and cool during the warmer weather this week!

Getting ready for the haircut.


Modeling your new do!

Since you did so well during your cut, we went home and did a fun activity that I had been dying to do for a while.  I got this cute idea from Dirt and Boogers about a pre-toddler activity called Art with Spices.  I adapted it to fit our theme for the day and you added hair to a person with glue and spices.  I loved this because you not only loved shaking the jars and trying to get the lids on and off, but you were able to smell and taste the art as well!  After one taste, however, you decided to move on to more shaking.  We will definitely do this again!  

I know an activity is a success when your tongue is sticking out!

Smelling the spices.

Tasting the spices.

Finished product!!

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