Friday, April 6, 2012

10 Frugal Ways We Enjoy the Outdoors!


Spring always has a way of brightening up the winter blues and drawing us back outside towards nature.  Now is the time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful blue skies and warming temperatures before the weather gets too hot.  My family I try to get out when we can, in hopes to soak up every last minute of daylight, without spending any (or very little) money in the process.  These ideas are ones that we do together, sometimes several times a week, in an effort to have quality family time away any distractions that can be found indoors.  There is little preparation or planning and some require no clean-up when you are finished.  These are the moments that I hope my son can look back on and cherish as he gets older.   

If you are on spring break, or just have an extra day or two for the holiday, try to get outside and enjoy one of our favorite No Prep activities! These are ideas that you probably already implement, but here's a short reminder list.

1. Take a walk - it's simple, easy, and we love to enjoy the signs of each season!

2. Go on a hike - finding different parks or places around the area that have a hiking trails is a must.  If you plan on going for a long hike, be sure to take water bottles!

3. Explore nature - We often simply walk out to our own backyard and search the ground for leaves, nuts, pine cones, bugs, or flowers.  We discuss the names and the textures of these objects, the collect them for future projects.

4. Outdoor Playdates - take the kids outside to play!  They can enjoy the sunshine, while the moms catch up.

5. Go to the park - We frequent the local parks that have playground equipment and enjoy the swings and slides for the afternoon.

The next few ideas need minimal planning, but can be done easily with the entire family.

6. Outdoor craft projects - whatever we are planning for the day, we take outside on the grass or the patio table and get to work!

7. Celebrate the holidays - no matter what holiday it is, our family searches for events around the town that have activities for kids. Even in the winter, there are outdoor petting zoos, sleigh rides, or light displays that you can see to help get you in the holiday spirit.

8. Visit local tourist attractions - the only planning you need is to find dates and times they are open.  We try to plan according to the season as well. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches in the fall, botanical gardens in the spring, etc.

9. Take you meal outdoors - meal preparation usually needs to happen ahead of time.  My family takes breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks outside to enjoy the view!

10. The last activity that my family is fond of is gardening.  This could fall under both categories depending on how little or big you want to make your garden.  You could plant a few herbs in a pot to put of your windowsill or you could plant several fruits and vegetables all throughout your yard.  The best part is, you can enjoy whatever you are growing at mealtimes or for your viewing pleasure.

So try and take time this weekend to step out and enjoy the beauty of the day with your family!

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  1. I'm enjoying all your wonderful spring outdoor activities! Thank you so much for taking part in the spring carnival. :)

    1. Thanks so much! Looking forward to summer! :)


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