Friday, July 27, 2012

Waves and Kites {Toddler Summer Bucket List}

Slowly, but surely, we are working our way through our Toddler Summer Bucket List for this year! We had fun with a room full of balloons, visited Idlewild, and made natural herb playdough - just to name a few.  During our stay at the beach we were able to check two more off of our list: Flying a kite and Swimming in the ocean.  These were both brand new for you since our last visit to the beach was in the fall and it was too chilly to take a dip.  Out of the two, you definitely liked the kite flying way more than the ocean waves!

On our first day on the beach you actually had no problem dipping your toes in the water and letting Daddy swoop you in towards the waves.  After day one, however, was totally a different story.  You were most content digging in the sand and searching for seashells, but at least you gave the water a try!

I love that little tongue sticking out with determination!

And you're up - locking your legs in protest of being put back into the water!

Whew! You had enough of that!

And you're done ~ not to return back to the water until the day before we leave!

The second item that we checked off of the list, however, thrilled you to pieces.  We found a bird shaped kite in one of the stores at the Outer Banks and you were so excited when Daddy started putting it together.  You did not want to let go of the string at all! Not even to let Mama fly the kite.  I finally convinced you to let me give it a whirl, since it was my first time flying a kite, too!

Grandpap getting it ready for Daddy.

You and Daddy holding the reel.

Watching Mama fly the kite!

It has been so much fun seeing your try new experiences during the summer months. I can't wait to continue checking more items off of our list in the coming days.

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  1. Once again, our 2 little guys seems so much a like. My 2.5 yo has no interest in the water either when we go to the beach. He loves playing in the sand, though -- and we're planning to take a kite next time we go.

    1. Oh, let me know how your kite flying goes! :) Hope you all have fun!!

  2. Wow, you got some great kite-flying in!!!

    1. It was so much fun! We took it out a few more days while we were there, too. Hoping to give a whirl at home sometime! :)


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