Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mindful Moments :: Afternoon Walks

Finding a rhythm to our day has been no easy task.  As the seasons change, so do our family's needs, day to day rituals, and tasks at hand.  As spring begins to transform into summer, I have been taking extra care to help encourage my son to be more aware of the transitions that are happening right outside of our windows.  There has been so much growth and renewal over the past few weeks that I decided to institute a new ritual to our day ~ afternoon walks.

These walks are the perfect way to not only give my son the opportunity to see, firsthand, all of the changes that are happening in the nature, but it also allows us a few moments to just be present together. Soaking up the beauty and stillness of the outdoors. Awakening the senses.  Focusing on the moment.

So far, we've simply enjoyed exploring new parks and observing the birds as they construct their nests while serenading us with their birdsongs.  We've done plenty of cloud-watching and puddle jumping, as well.  There is so much beauty in our neighboring towns, if we only take the time to discover it and follow in its path.

These walks have become such a special part of our day.  We've had numerous teachable moments along the way, but more importantly, we are connecting. Relaxing as we spend one-on-one time away from the screens and the everyday tasks that will be there when we return. I am always amazed by the things that my toddler notices and takes time to explore.  These mindful moments are ones that I will cherish and look forward to in the days to come....the moments that are truly good for our soul.  

In an effort to keep all of these exquisite memories close to my heart and within reach, I have begun to catalog them within my Instagram feed.  You can follow us at connectingfamilyseoul or join us by tagging your nature walks with the hashtag #afternoonseoulwalks!   

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  1. This is something that we have done since mine were in arms - we have a dog so often combine it with walking her but she doesn't like the rain or snow so we go still the kids get a real sense of seasons changing and see them first hand the difference a day makes

  2. You always have such lovely photos on your instagram feed. My son and I have started taking morning walks 2 times a week. We actually take our breakfast with us (waffles), so it has become known as our waffle walk. It's usually very early around 7:00 before anyone is out. I love this time we have together when life is a little less noisy and more slowed down. We do other walks and activities too, but there's something so special about our waffle walks.


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