Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Mother's Journey Towards Abundance

A little over nine months ago I began a very important journey as a mother ~ one in which I hoped to find happiness, contentment, and joy with my life as it is right now. In the present.  The soul-searching that I did over the past several months was trying at times, but also enlightening as I continued on my path of self-exploration.  I knew deep down, that I had so much to celebrate and such abundance in my life, but there were times when I felt such loneliness. Have you ever felt that way? Isolated and frustrated with the sometimes mundane routines of everyday life?  As a SAHM, I think that it can be easy to look past all of the beauty that we are gifted with each day. The opportunities that we are afforded with time.  Some days melt into the next and when we rise, we start all over again from where we left off the night before.  It took me months to realize that it doesn't have to be that way.  That we can truly discover our own version of happiness and embrace it.  This realization all began with one woman, with one small project and a circle of women, who were all yearning for the same thing. Abundance.  And the courage to celebrate it in a way that will make you rise each morning with a sigh of contentment and an air of hope.

This is where the Abundant Mama Project entered my life.  I began with a simple practice of gratitude.  Sending wishes of thanks into the world for the simple pleasures that I am blessed to experience.  In January, I took it a step further.  I wanted to model joy and abundance for my son.  Embody it.  I wanted to be more present throughout the day and bring wonderment into awareness.  I considered the things I do almost everyday as a mother that make me smile, and those that help me Find Happiness as a Stay-at-Home Mom. I made a list of the things that I try to savor in our daily routine.  Now here's where a bit of truth comes into play.  I, myself, was aware of the things that made me happy, but it wasn't until almost a month ago, that I felt that truth.  That I embraced all of those moments of abundance with fervor.  When I realized that I am, in fact, living my own version of happiness each day.  Sometimes it takes awhile for everything to click.  For you to be able to wake up one day and finally be at peace with your life as it is in the present moment.  It took time for me.  Research. A lot of soul-searching through writing and discussions with other mamas.  

This journey could not have begun without someone encouraging me to look more deeply into my life.  To focus on the peace that radiates throughout it.  The woman behind the Abundant Mama Project did just that.  Shawn lit a fire and encouraged me to look inside myself.  She showed me that change and happiness and contentment has to come from YOU.  When I continued to work through the prompts and ideas shared in this circle, it led me to other avenues that I would never have crossed paths with had I not started here.  I was also introduced to a strong community of like-minded mamas that gave their support when needed.  Because, let's face it, we truly cannot do this alone.    

This past summer has been one of discovery. One of simple, mindful parenting.  A celebration of the current season with my family.  And breakthroughs that will only take me further along on this journey.  For the first time in a long time, I feel content with my life...and I have hope for the future.    

If you would like to join me as I continue to walk alongside those who strive to turn the mundane into the magical, then please take a peek into The Abundant Mama Project.

This fall there are two ways to become a part of the tribe.  One is by taking part in the basic Abundant Mama e-course. This course is filled with writing prompts and gratitude challenges that will help deepen your parenting experience alongside other mamas beginning their journey as well. 

The other option, The Peace Circle, is a combined experience of both the e-course and a smaller, more intensive support group that incorporates several other resources to help guide you along the way.  It includes monthly Q&A calls with Shawn, private forums, and her new e-book, "Peaceful Intentions for Busy Moms!
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