Monday, October 7, 2013

Morning Messages

Each morning, Grady wakes up and shouts for myself and my husband, in turn.  Some days we both answer, and other days I have to explain to him that Daddy is already at work.  I know that for a moment or more, he is disappointed that his Dad isn't here to share the day with us.  So, we try to find little ways to keep the communication open and flowing, even when Dad is at work and we are at home throughout the week. This is how morning messages came to be.

A while back, I made a frame for the fridge out of foam paper.  I simply cut a rectangular shape out of the foam and glued magnets to the back of it.  Once it was mounted on the fridge, I scattered letter magnets around, as well.  In addition, I also added a small whiteboard on the other side of the fridge, along with a dry-erase crayon.

We use these items in varying ways throughout the day.  Each morning, however, Daddy leaves a "word of the day" for Grady to discover.  His way of saying hello, even though he's already left for work.  Once Grady finds the word, we discuss it and do a few of the activities listed below:

~ identify the letters
~ sound out the word
~ copy the word over with additional letters
~ discuss the color of the letters
~ rewrite it on the whiteboard (first Mom, then Grady)
~ find matching letters
~ make words from the previous day
~ create words that relate to the current "word of the day"
~ draw on the whiteboard
~ sort out the letters

He's been enjoying this little routine and it's a great way add a 
more print-rich environment to the kitchen area!

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