Saturday, December 28, 2013

Where You Can Find Me in 2014!

Just yesterday, I shared a bit about what I wished for the new year.  How adopting a new guiding word (PRACTICE) will help lead me into the coming months with intention and clarity.  With the realizations that came from this excavation of sorts, also comes a new spark of inspiration.  Not only will there be positive shifts within my personal life, but also in my life as a writer.   

I feel as if I only touch the surface when writing about the everyday happenings of my life as a mother. Skimming the surface of my thoughts, worries, and revelations. When I became a mom just 2 and a half years ago, my world changed and I adjusted accordingly.  It hasn't always been an easy transition, but with it came a stronger sense of self.  A peek into the person that I always was, but never quite knew. In order to share what I've discovered, what keeps me feeling at peace with my role as stay-at-home mom, I've created a new space with room to grow.  A place to share all of the layers that make up "me."
This new conception is how I hope reach out to other women who wish to find that balance.  To find themselves. To find beauty in their everyday connections.

This space was birthed with the desire of sharing the beauty that I encounter and soak in everyday. The beauty right that is right in front of me as I look outside my window or into the depths of my son's dark eyes.  The beauty in which I can see, and that in which I can only feel.  I invite you to step inside, as I capture the wondrous sights during my continued journey to not only find myself, but to discover a life that I love.  

I will still occasionally update this space with photos of activities that we do as a family, but will be my sacred space that allows me to go deeper.  To open myself up to others and share the beauty of connection that I've found with my family, my self, and Mother Nature.  To discuss the struggles and the progressions. The unexpected with the mundane.  My life as a creative dreamer and cloud-gazer. The thoughts that keep me up at night and those that make my soul sigh with contentment. All of this and more as I begin to take my practice of Moments in Focus to the next level...which will contain many surprises and offerings in the future.

I would be incredibly humbled if you chose to follow me along on this journey that is forever a work-in-progress.  My life as it flows from the inner workings of my mind onto the page. You are more than welcome to subscribe to my (mostly) bi-monthly updates, my Missives of Beauty, by signing up here.      

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  1. What an exciting project. Congratulations, Gina! I'll definitely follow along.

    1. So excited you'll be joining me, Melissa! :)

  2. Wow! What an amazing place you are going! I would be honored to follow you (and come along) on your journey. I've always believed that this is the very best of on-line (and in person) connection. Being there, simply there, for each other as we make our way in the world.


  3. I'm eager to see you grow and nurture others through your site.


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