Hi! My name is Gina and I would like to welcome you to famiglia&seoul!  I am a former fourth grade teacher, turned stay-at-home mom to a 2 year old little man named Grady, who is always on the move with a perpetually hungry belly! I am a lover of reading, baking cookies or cakes, and traveling anywhere from overseas to the community in my own backyard!  As a family, we are passionate about protecting the environment, spending time with family, and raising little global citizens that are also life-long learners! 

My husband (who makes an appearance during in many posts, including ones with Father and Son Fun!) and I adopted Grady from Korea in May of 2011.  We have been so blessed to welcome our little guy into the family as he has quickly stolen our hearts.  There are many words I could use to describe Grady, but the first ones that pop into my mind are easy-going, fun-loving, observant, caring, and passionate    

I began this blog as a “diary” written to our son about ways that we nurture the soul and create an enduring family bond together.  After starting this journey in 2011, we decided to take on a challenge the following April.  Our challenge is to spend at least 15 minutes outdoors each and every day for an entire year.  You may think that I am a nature lover based on the focus on this challenge, but alas, I am not.  However, as this challenge continues, I am beginning to embrace the outdoors and cherish the solitude and beauty that surrounds us as we find creative ways to play in nature. 

I would like to invite you to take a look around our blog in hopes that you will find something that inspires you to step outside and let the kids run free.   Some things you may find along the way include:

All are perfect for toddlers, but many of our activities can also be adapted easily for older children!)  Our most recent activities on famiglia&seoul help is to embrace natural elements during play with a focus on play with Earth, WaterFlora, and Sand (my little guy's favorites!).  

I would love to hear any activities or fun that you have shared with your children while playing outdoors.  So please, I invite you to stay awhile, share your thoughts, and feel free to offer any suggestions or ideas for our blog!  I am always looking for inspiration and enjoy hearing about the outdoor adventures of others.      

~ Gina



  1. I am so excited to discover your site! Thank you for sharing your family adventures. Your son is AH-dorable!!

  2. Your blog is beautiful, Gina! I'm excited to discover more of it!


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