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About Gina:

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an educator, and a blogger.  These are my titles, but these titles only give you an inkling of who I am as a person...

I am someone who gets a rush of excitement when I come across a quote, an article, or a book that speaks to me and inspires a new way of thinking.

I am energized by the beauty that surrounds me daily - the clouds, the trees, the depths on my son's eyes, the perfectly sculpted chocolate cake that I devoured at lunch, the sunset, and the family family pictures that adorn each wall in my home.

I am the type of person who lies in bed at night and worries about the amount of time I spent connecting with my son during the day, what it is I'm going to make for dinner tomorrow, and all of the phones calls that I would love to make to family and friends, but don't often take the time for.

I love losing myself in the words of my favorite songs, a book that I just can't put down, or the latest chick flick that just oozes romance and unrealistic expectations.

As an educator, and life-long learner, I enjoy diving deeper into the makings of traditions, the evolution of family values, learning about what makes people who they are in the present moment, memory-making, parenting, early childhood experiences, igniting a child's passion, and learning as a family.

About Connecting Family & Seoul:

I began this blog as a dairy of sorts from my son and my family.  As we evolve, so does the messages.  It evolves based on my son's interest and our family's opportunities.  

The time we spend together is precious.  We attempt to set aside days to create memories as often as possible together and they are chronicled in our Monday {Mini} Family Adventures or the creative mealtime moments that we share.  Many of our posts also incorporate the daily activities that my son and I do throughout the day.  

As a blogger, it brings me joy to share the very beginning of our homeschooling journey with a toddler that includes: nature exploration, ways we encourage artistic expression, and the literature that enhances our life.  

You will often find family and holiday traditions sprinkled throughout our pages because these moments mean so much to me as a wife and a mother.

So please, I invite you to take a look around and explore the pages of our lives in hopes that you will find something that inspires you as well.  

If you are having a rough parenting day may I suggest:


If you're in search of simple activities for your little ones I would suggest:

Or if you would like to bring a bit of fun to an ordinary day, check out:

Thank you so much for dropping by!  I hope that will you continue to share in our journey.  If you have any questions or would like to share an idea or activity that you tried, I love hearing from readers.  You can email me at gina(at)connectingfamilyandseoul(dot)com or drop by our Facebook page!


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